The building is situated under Saint George Church and west from it. Its western wall boards with the city square /the forum/ and is aligned with the western wall of the Bulevterion. The plan of the building is rectangular - width 28 meters and length 70 meters. There can be distinguished two construction periods. The original floor levels, shape of the rooms and the construction methods of the first period are different from those of the second. During the second period only inner walls were reconstructed. The outer walls of the building were found in bad condition. 

Aligning the western short side of the building towards the forum are situated six demolished rectangular rooms with entrances facing west. It is obvious from the plan and situation of the rooms that they were stores. The building is not fully excavated so the number of the rooms and the exact plan are not certain. It is supposed that the entrance of the building was from the east. Next to the store rooms were situated five spacious rectangular rooms.

After the demolition of the building the Church St George was erected above the eastern part of the building.

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